Creative Propositions – Pete Cain

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I’m writing this again – but apparently some people still don’t get it. I mean, I totally, obviously, do, but I am putting this down on paper because, well, when I’m gone, others might need some pointers from someone who really understands, ya’know?? Ahem

So, apparently this proposition thingy is like, really easy. Like, really really easy – once you get it. Which I totally do. You like, only have to like sum up what you’re trying to say in one sentence, which is, like, totally easy. Except when it’s a big thought, like, helping people and stuff, because then you might need, like, two sentences.

But then you’ve still totally done it, and it’s like really easy to understand, isn’t it? Except then you try and tell your bezzy Tracy about it and she’s like, totally clueless. And you’re like, ‘what the hell? It’s like, so obvious’ and she’s all like ‘?’ and then you think like, ‘well maybe I need to think of a different way to get this across to Tracy’ – because clearly she’s a bit simple but that’s not her fault, you just want your friend to like ‘totally ‘get it’’

So you think, ‘why doesn’t Tracy (idiot) get it?’ and you realise that she is not you, and you’re like ‘d’uh’ and then say something that she understands and she’s like ‘OMG, I totally get it now babes” and you’re all like smiley face – ‘I knew you would, honey’ and it’s so good when that happens because it makes everyone feel good and you’re so happy that you found a way to communicate what you want to say and it means you’re all on the same page! So happy #gratitude.

That’s it for now, diary, see you tomorrow XOXO


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