SCA Applicants: Special Offer Within – By @chlo_gray

By Chloe Gray


SCA Applicants: Special Offer Within


The other day Marc mentioned that the many SCABs he has us write are part of his recruitment strategy for future intakes. He hopes we will share these ramblings to our channels once they’re published on the website, then curious people in our networks will get to read about the school, have their interest piqued and enquire. A great strategy so long as the SCABs are of decent quality. I wondered if anything in my published SCABs would have convinced someone to come to the school. I concluded probably not. Mainly because I’ve tended to prattle on about myself for 500 words, which though I’m sure is riveting, doesn’t help prospective pupils too much. So, to make up for a term of self-involved soliloquys, here is a list of things I think are worth coming to SCA for.

  1. The Structure

    If you want to be hired as a creative by a great agency, you’re going to need a portfolio filled with mind-bending campaigns. You could find the reading list on the SCA website and work through it independently, find fake briefs on the internet and tackle them on your own, you could even reach out to people working in agencies and ask them to tell you if you’re any good. But it won’t be the same.

At SCA there’s a rhythm to your life. In the first term you’ll be cracked open and rewired. This is a good thing. Eventually you’ll be so practiced in creative exercises that where once ideas were elusive and fleeting, they become achievable and process driven. Until you can do it without thinking.
Whatever cognitive abnormalities Marc has allow him to see the minutia in every day. We saw a lesson plan of his once where he’d planned the whole week down to the minute. He’s eleven intakes in now and this circus of his is well rehearsed. Everything he does is with intention. There’s a lot you can learn just from being in the same room as him.


  1. The People

  1. Mentors – When we’re not enjoying a masterclass with an industry legend, we get to spend one-on-one time with a rotating menu of brilliant mentors. Some of my favourites include humble genius Alan, light of my life Rob Mac, angel on earth Dee, fount of fonts Ian, copygod Vikki Ross, potty mouth Pete Cain, and silver lining Mike. You’ll find it tricky to pick just one favourite too.
  2. Faculty – holding the whole operation together are Amy, Marcia and Max. You’ll get to know and love them. Probably the sanest people in the school. 
  3. Classmates – The weird sheep that Marc finds in paddocks around the world and shepherds into this draughty church make the most interesting flock. I can never get bored here because everyone is fascinating in their own way. If you’re a bit weird you’re already on the right track. The people you will spend your days squeezed up against on the worn sofas will make this difficult year so much more doable.

  1. The Future

    Rarely does a course provide such certainty for your future. When you graduate from SCA you know that unless capitalism topples, you’re going to be employable. The rich network of industry professionals means as long as you’re not a hermit while you’re here, you’ll leave with a contact book full of people who could give you a job. 


  1. The Fun

    Anyone you ask about SCA will tell you it’s the hardest year of your life but worth it. That’s what I heard from everyone I badgered before I came here. Sure, you’re going to have to work harder than you probably have before, and you might struggle to keep up with the life you had pre-SCA. But nobody told me about how much fun I’d have in the studio. Maybe that’s the early term 2 naivety speaking, but I spend every day here in fits of laughter. 


  1. The Magic

    This school is special. I won’t entertain a contrary opinion. I’m completely in love with the place. There’s alchemy between these walls. Come and see for yourself.

If you’ve read this and think you’d like to apply for the next intake of SCA, you absolutely should. If you want to exponentially increase your chances of being admitted, I’m offering SCA entrance tutoring at a discounted hourly price until April. Tweet me at @chlo_gray for more details.


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