Creatives for sale


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


Creatives for sale (Our personal SMP’s)


Nathan: Gym before Gin

Annie: Extremely Enthusiastic (also Female and Exotic – ticks

all the boxes on your diversity forms)

Nick: 112

Zoe: Shock the System

Ben: Nice guy, nicer work

Marco: Your Italian art director

James: no brain power wasted on growing hair

Edwina: Human truths, words, weird shit.

Ashley: Learnt to swim aged 6.

Søren:  Energetic weirdo, the best way you can imagine.

Dounia: Sold Out

Adam: Sharpie handler.

Teddy: Laterally literal.

Frazer: Literally lateral.

Michael: Saint by name. Questionable in nature.

Rob: Refreshingly dry.

Ed: Good weeks and bad weeks

Charlie: reassuringly inexpensive

JT. Open happiness

Tom EB: Exceptionally brilluaant copywriter.

Jacqui: Light and dark tones for the edgy bunch

Fiona: The more you know, the less you know.

Marcella: An energy bomb

Pugh: Dark ‘n’ Stormy or Jurassic Spark

Georgia: Life’s short; cut the crap.

Joel: N.Z. or bust. #Whanau

Lucy: Keeping things short but sweet.

Eytan: Not just your typical Jewish Copywriter.

Alex M: for when you need to make light of the situation

Jezza: Make it groovy!

Nina: I ration loo roll efficiently and won’t waste a single sheet

Lawrence: Jeopardy.

Stephen: First in, last out.

Duke: Really good with female clients

Mads: Still hasn’t lost hope in humanity

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