Self-Crit by @MartinoMV

martin ojo

By Martin Ojo




No. That’s not a good idea.

That’s a decent idea but I’m sure it isn’t great.

That could be a good idea but it probably isn’t really.

This idea is pretty good. I’m sure no one else will like it though.

This idea is the best I’ve had today, but it isn’t as good as so and so’s.

I’ve got it! This idea is the best solution. Actually there are too many flaws in it.

I’m sure this is the safest idea but it’s too easy and too simple.

I really like this idea but I doubt my partner will understand the thinking.

I like this idea… Actually I don’t like it.

This was just my first thought so it definitely isn’t a good idea.

The thinking behind this was just awful. I need to dig deeper.

My thinking is right on this idea but the execution is all wrong.

Now my execution feels good but thinking doesn’t fit.

This feels right, my gut is tingling. Will it make others? No.

No. I need to think this one through a little more. Just doesn’t feel right.

This idea is too complicated so it must be wrong.

This idea is too simple so it must be worse. 

I guess I need help…


‘On a typical day (if there is such a thing at SCA!) about half a dozen industry professionals visit our studio to mentor our students’.

– School of communication Arts 2.0 website

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