Thank You Marc – By @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton

By Michael Hutton


Thank You Marc


On Friday I didn’t say thank you to Marc.

It was my last reflection before starting on placement at AMV tomorrow morning.

This is my second time finishing SCA. I finished last year and had a few successful placements, but my previous partnership didn’t work out, and thanks to Marc’s generosity, I was allowed to come back and find a new partner.

The previous few months have been invaluable. Maybe more so than the whole of my first time at SCA.

For those of you coming to SCA next year, there will be times you’ll question Marc’s ways. But trust me, he is on your side. He only wants the best for you and he is one of the most generous people you’ll ever meet – if you respect him.

So Marc, thank you for giving me another chance.

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