Cringing Through Covid – By @now_pictured

Cringing Through Covid

If you’ve ever met me you know I’m someone who’s always smiling, very positive, and able to find the good in just about anything. However, I’m also a big cynic. Maybe that’s not the right word – rationalist is better. When deciding whether to freak out or get angry I always weigh up all the facts I have about a situation and then suss out what the best option is to proceed. I function like this in all areas of my life. This enables me to be empathetic while also seeming cynical? 

One thing I know for sure is – people are spoiled and they never change. I love humankind. We’re great. We’ve come up with so much good. Cat videos. 90s opening credits to TV shows. Freshly baked bread. But we’ve also done a lot of shit and destroyed the planet. You can’t have the good without the bad. And at the end of the day, we’re selfish. We do stuff for ourselves. Sure, people do selfless acts and that’s amazing, but that’s not everyone.

And I understand that we need hope in trying times like the ones we’re living through right now, but let’s not fool ourselves anything is going to change when it comes to people’s behavior. Sure, we’re gonna have to implement social distancing and there’s going to be fewer people on tubes and busses and school is going to work differently… But people’s behavior isn’t going to change.

 We’re going to be just as shitty after lockdown as we were before. Because people are great at adapting to our environment. So as soon as we can get back to our »normal« comfort zone, that’s what most people will do. And that’s fine. Of course, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Maybe everything will change and suddenly we’ll be able to save the Earth! But probably not… Let’s wait and see.

Until then we have Trump to entertain us with his idiotic quotes. His press conferences are the gift that keeps on giving. Somehow he manages to outdo himself each week. I just feel bad for the people living in the US, especially New York and other badly affected areas. He has been doing a horrifying job at dealing with Coronavirus but he consistently says he’s done a »marvelous« job. He knows what works with his supporters. I still believe he’s going to be reelected come November. Also, pay attention to how often he uses the word »powerful« when describing his and his teams’ response to Coronavirus. Trump is all about keywords he knows work with his supporters. And they’ll eat up just about anything. 

So if I don’t have faith in humankind, what do I have faith in? What keeps my spirits up? Good question. I’ll let you know when I find out. But it won’t be false hope in this big change that awaits us once we’re out of this… because that’s only going to leave us disappointed. 

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