Seraphim Extract – Sicily part 3

And another one enjoy…

Sicily felt herself being pulled upwards towards the sky. Looking back in shock towards the pyre, she saw her body in flames. “What the fuck is going on?” she uttered in sheer disbelief. She began to frantically look and touch her torso. “Is this my spiritual body?” she thought to herself. Her body was emanating a glowing white light. “Shit, I’m dead”, she pondered with a bit of anxiety sipping into her. Tears began to run down her face. She looked back down to the pyre to see the crowd cheering and celebrating her demise. The crowd continued their assault, throwing more stones and fruits at her lifeless body. Sicily’s anxiety began to fade and turn into anger. Her gaze caught wind of her mother and father, who were also cheering.

Sicily screamed in anger towards them with all her spirit. The tears running down her eyes seemed to evaporate instantly, and the light emanating from her spirit form grew in intensity. Daedra still sat atop the cliff, waiting for her spirit to reach him, perked forward, intrigued by what he saw her do. At the same time as her scream, a large gust of wind drew in from the sea, hitting the pyre, increasing the size of the flames and turning it into a vortex. The wind also drew through the crowd. The crowd drew some screams.

“Do not be in fear, for the Gods have accepted our sacrifice”, shouted the aristocrat with an opulent grin on his face. The crowd began to cheer with more vivacity. Sicily’s frustration grew even more.

“You’re all fucking idiots”, she shouted. “I cannot believe this is how I died, killed by idiots”, she retorted to herself. She turned away from the scene below her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. “So, this is it? I had so much I wanted to do, so much I wanted to learn, to see and now….” she stopped thinking, and a wave of emotions came over her again. Tears again began to run down her face. As she exhaled, a whimper of a cry snuck through her lips. “What happens now?” she thought.

She opened her eyes to see herself drawn towards the cliff edge, and at the top of the edge of the cliff, she could see a cloaked figure. “Who is that?……no my mother was always talking about death, is that it,” she thought to herself. A chill made the hairs on her form stand up. “I can still feel my torso as if I have a body still…interesting”, she thought, surprised. 

She finally reached the cliff Daedra. Sat still looking down at the crowd below paying no direct attention to Sicily. A bit puzzled and anxious, Sicily went and sat next to the figure. “Yeah, me and fire don’t agree, apparently” she said jokingly.


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