Cry Me A River – By @carlyillston

Cry Me A River 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world into massively uncharted waters for scientists, politicians, and SCA students alike. With 24/7 access to news outlets and social media, the crisis has taken a massive toll on mental health. Putting it simply, a lack of control over your daily schedule can fuel stress massively, and that’s without all the other factors involved in COVID-19 times. 

Some people channelled this anxiety/ stress into creating small businesses making pom pom earrings, or made hundreds of batches of banana bread, or decided that this is this time to finally start that workout program they swore they would start after Christmas. But for me, it has been a different matter entirely. The way that I have dealt with Corona is, as I’ve dealt with many things in my life, through tears. 

So I thought I’d share an incomplete list of all the things that have made me cry so far during lockdown. 

1. My mum told me that we haven’t had batteries in our smoke detectors for the past 3 YEARS 

2. I was telling my brother about a house rabbit that woke its owners up and saved them when 

their smoke detector weren’t working, but got lost in the smoke and died. (Yes this happened in the same conversation) 

3. Hysterical tears at the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy (obviously) 

4. Hysterical tears (of a different kind) while watching Us because it scared the crap out of me. 

Shoutout to Jordan Peele because I don’t know how he comes up with this stuff. 

5. Another animal related story of a dog saving it’s owners from falling off a cliff on a hiking trip 

(this is a common theme)

6. I made a really tiny sandwich made of leftover bits from another sandwich and it was so cute 

that I cried 

7. When my brother graduated from high school and one of his teachers told him how much they would miss him

8. Watching a Tik Tok of someone who made a little robot and painted it to look like Wall-e. 

Maybe the robots ruling the world wouldn’t be so bad. (if you do 1 thing today, please make it watching this video: )

9. I watched Hostile Planet with my mum. (I know, I was asking for it with this one) It was all about Barnacle Geese and how the babies have to throw themselves off a 40 foot cliff. If they manage to walk away from that unscathed (minus a little bit of a concussion), they then risk the chance of getting eaten by a crow. Spoiler: 2 of the 3 babies didn’t make it. 

10. In the true spirit of the lockdown, I have to end on another TikTok. I have been cry laughing at this particular TikTok trend for a while. Basically, the person in the front seat of the car just films themselves smacking their boyfriends in the head with their bags and it has given me so much joy. Now, just for you guys, I found a 9 minute compilation of these videos. I hope this brightens up the rest of your day.

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