D&AD in the Time of Corona – By @now_pictured

By Ivan Stanojevic


D&AD in the Time of Corona


This last month has been WILD. Slowly but surely the danger of Corona crept up on us. SCA wasn’t focusing on it much, as we were preoccupied with D&AD work. A couple of weeks ago my partner became ill and stayed at home. At the time we thought, better for him to be sick than in a couple of weeks (D&AD deadline was originally March 24th). Little did we know that in less than two weeks’ time we would be self-isolating. School is closed as is pretty much everything else.


We live in a time of uncertainty. We feel unsettled because we are spoiled. We cannot deal with not knowing what will happen. And it is surreal. No one has ever experienced anything like this in recent years. It’s something that will define generations. The way our world works has been uninterrupted for years and suddenly this happens and we have to stop? We will not take it! But imagine – for the first time in YEARS, highways will be empty. Airports closed. Everyone staying inside. And I can see how that can be unsettling, but again, it’s interesting to observe. It’s different for us. Things are not helped by the news, regurgitating the same news over and over again. Despite that, like a train wreck happening, I cannot take my eyes away from them. 


I’ve been trying to deal with everything by indulging in all my pop culture loves. Early seasons of ANTM and Arrested Development are inevitable. A fifth rewatch of Twin Peaks? Oh quarantine, you saucy minx! Charmed in HD? Oh yes! But I still try to make time for such classics as Osmosis Jones, a crazy movie that has aged like fine wine and has never been more relevant. Early release of The Invisible Man was something I greeted with open arms. Check it out if you’re into psychological thrillers. 


Even still, I sometimes wonder what work is gonna look like in the next few months? How do we focus on our portfolio and D&AD fully when The Day The Earth Stood Still is playing out in real life outside? We need to get ready for Portfolio Day without leaving the house or seeing anyone outside our closest circle… Some people are on other ends of the Earth. I love advertising so much, but in times like this, it seems insignificant? There is the other spectrum of course, which is that we need advertising and creativity more than ever before. Still coming up with poster campaigns seems banal in comparison to everything happening.


As I sit in self-isolation writing this, I can’t help but wonder. What will the advertising world even look like once all of this is over? What trends will appear? Will the way we consume advertising change in the upcoming months? How will this affect the film industry? Will 2021 be the year of pandemic and self-isolation movies? But most importantly, how will thirsty gays get their Grindr fix?   

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