Dare to dream beyond our current reality. By @eandertonallen

Beth Anderton-Allen

By Beth Anderton-Allen


Dare to dream beyond our current reality.

Earlier this week the legend that is Laura Jordan Bambach came into the fat penguin studio to give us a master class of creativity.

Here are some of her top tips :

  • As a creative you must have passion and an enquiring mind.
  • Be interesting. Do projects outside of advertising.
  • Be a maker not a doer. A maker transforms things and drives innovation.
  • Look up, your goal is bigger than advertising. We hold the power to mass communicate, so why

    not use it to solve issues within society.

  • Be bold and lean into your fear. If you’re not scaring yourself everyday, then you’re not trying

    hard enough.

  • Breathe and allow room for experimentation. Happy accidents make things real and more


  • Don’t be scared to play. If you don’t have a play-like attitude, creative insights and solutions

    hide from us behind fear and uncertainty. When we don’t involve play, being creative becomes

    a challenge.

  • Make sure you and your work has an active purpose within culture. Make something


  • Team up – collaboration is queen. Not just your traditional Art Director and Copywriter

    collaborations. But any creative that can help facilitate and drive your ideas forward.

  • Question everything.
  • The bravest questions get the boldest answers.
  • Make your own opportunities. Like Marc always says OPPORTUNITYISKNOWHERE.
  • In order to push your work further observe what people actually do and they will connect with

    your work more easily. So don’t just make assumptions.

  • Do it the right way for the brand. Do what is asked of you and then deliver something extra that

    you think will be perfect for that brand.

  • Always know that you can do something and push your creativity to extremes. Don’t be an

    armchair activist.

  • Find out what is important for you and drive your future in that direction.

    One of the main things that I took from her master class was a slide she put up of Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory quoting ‘We are music makers, We are dreamers of dreams’. This really put into perspective for me that, as creatives we possess the skills to have a vision of the future and subsequently we have a responsibility to use this vision to paint a brighter future for our society. Especially within current environmental and political climates, the future is full of uncertainty. We need to push ourselves to the limits and dare to dream beyond our current reality. Challenging people and getting them to understand the real value of creativity before it’s too late. So let’s disrupt the now and paint a future where creativity is having an exponential impact within our society and culture.

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