By Jacob de Figueiredo



I’m going to Ireland. Yay. The Emerald Isle some call it. Some probably don’t as well though. I’ve personally never heard it being called that but now I have heard it, yeah, I buy it. How exciting though right. Ya boy Jacob de Fig exploring the unfamiliar plains of Ireland. Truth be told I’ve never really wanted to go to Ireland. Always thought it was just like england and to be fair, it pretty much is. Apart from everything that comes out of anyone’s velvety irish pipes sounds like sweet comforting poetry. 

We’ve chosen to stay in a cosy little place called Howth. It was recommended to us by our own native Irish man Tom

and I can’t thank him enough for it. It’s a truly beautiful place. It’s full of medieval castles, sweeping sea views and very little people. Which is exactly what I needed. I knew I wanted a holiday during easter, something to justify all the work I was doing. I always find it easy to get lost in the real purpose behind any school work you do, especially in the middle ground of term 2 where the end isn’t clear and the beginning feels distance. Without a reason to enjoy myself I think I would have lacked direction and not achieved what I wanted. Small achievable goals. That’s all it is. Keep those demons away. 

And I feel like I worked my ass off

this term. Learning to be an art director and utilise the software along with everything else that was going on I was sure a breakdown was coming. I could feel it brewing last week. I wasn’t my usual chirpy self I was scatting out left right and centre ordering 5 items at Greggs and

talking absolute nonsense to my partner. It’s ‘cus I was so sure we were going to fail and the momentum we’d worked hard to build up was gunna come to a frantic halt. But it all turned out ok, which is making this get away to Ireland that much more enjoyable.

The clean air and sounds of the sea are the biggest cure to stress. No doubt. The sounds of lady mother nature compared to street preachers and traffic is a welcome change. This is really how humans should be living. Complete peace. Just you and the rolling fields o’ green. Lil’ bit boring though, thank god they’ve got WiFi and guinness otherwise I’d lose my god damn mind. 

But I’ve said to myself I’m gunna put my feet up. I deserve it. Just to reset. I know there’s work on but forget that I’m gunna be mr. Hike across the cliff face this week. I know how tricky term 3 can be. I’m in a place with my work I feel content so as I’m about to sit down for this fish dinner I wish all my fellow classmates a restful easter. Have fun. 

Love Jacob x 

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