Deanna Rodgers Masterclass by @cparkerbparker







By Charlie Parker


Deanna Rodgers came into school today. She is an amazing young poet who grabbed the attention of the room.

She told us that ‘Selling is more than a money transaction, it should be exchange of ideas and values too.’

SCA motto is ‘we sell or we die’. So to hear a poet say that selling is essential part of her performance is refreshing.

Selling is a part of most jobs and the advertising industry is built on it. It is probably what attracted me to making adverts.

However I do not share the romantic view of advertising that most my peers have.

In my world adverts tend to suck, usually forgettable or feel like they have been made to sell the agency not the product (I call it adverts for advertisers)

It is annoying because I try to force myself to be inspired by a strap line, some kerning or a bit of product placement but it ain’t happening.

Marcel Proust said ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape, but in having new eyes’

Within 30 seconds into Deanna’s first poem the studio starts to look a little different and I feel inspired.


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