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So reflection!? I’ve never been good at this kind of thing. Im very critical of everything I do but putting my thoughts and feelings into words for another to understand is always something I’ve found difficult, maybe thats something I need to work on for this up coming year.

Im guessing a lot of people are writing about the tasks we’ve been given to do over the summer, sure the books were long and the Arduino was stressful but I don’t see much I can reflect on. I learnt things from the books and didn’t feel like I learnt anything useful directly from the Arduino brief, however I do understand the importance of being given briefs that require us to do a lot of research to complete. 

However having said that there is something to the brief as a whole, it is getting me prepared for the most important year of my life, it feels like a cliche to call it that but I genuinely feel like it is. Due to my profession I meet a number of people a number of years younger then me (16 – 20 year olds mostly) and conversations with them always start with the classic “What do you want to do when your older?” line. I always say the same thing to every single one, just do whatever you love and you’ll find a job along the way.

I followed photography, then landed a job in production at AMV now here I am about to try my hand at one of the most competitive job roles I can think of. I guess what I’m trying to say is I never planned this, or two years ago would have guessed this is what I would be doing now.

Once again another cringeworthy cliche but I really feel that everything I’ve done before has led up to this point, I can’t wait to start.

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