Everything has a Process – By @ohunterjenkins

Owen Hunter Jenkins

By Owen Hunter Jenkins


Everything has a Process


Don’t let your chimp out.
Let him out, control him, know when to let hIm out.
Plan your days, hours and minutes.
Be accepting of others’ ideas.
Say “yes and”.
Fight for your ideas.
Question the brief, fight the brief but please the client. 
Make Marc’s nipples hard but don’t touch his computer.
Hate your competition, kill them, accept them, praise them, let the anger spur you on, don’t let your judgement be clouded. 
Follow the lines, don’t fudge.
Don’t just look at her breasts, look at her breats, great breasts, draw around the breasts, don’t just look at her breasts. 
Change your name to Sundance or Rainwaltz.
Be proactive on Twitter, but not too much. 
Don’t be late or you will dance.
Don’t leave the studio untidy or your mug will be smashed.
He doesn’t really mean it.
He meant it.
Poor Seb, poor Dennis.
Push ideas that aren’t yours, be ‘SUN’ (support, understand, nurture).
Sun, Sun, Sun, Rain, Rain, Thunder, Shit, Sun, Sun, Sun……
Dirty chicken shops – what is their unique proposition? 
Grease is good? Grease is lube? Sexy grease? Sexy chickens? Dirty, sexy chicken?
Your dirty secret. My dirty secret. Secret chicken? Whispering chicken?
Put a DeBono hat on. The Black? Chickens with hats?
Potato puns. 
Mash Damon and The Martian. Does that work? Should that work?
It doesn’t work. 
Throw balls at John if it’s a bad idea. Or is it for good ideas?
Everyone is throwing balls. The balls are very close to the client – is this a good idea? 
It is a good idea.
When is a bad idea a bad idea?
Balls to the balls – bad idea. 
Don’t just create ads, find mess. 
Develop that mess and situation explore. 
Research, Research, Research. 
What is your problem? Is it clearly defined? Has it already been solved?
Explore more. 
How’s your Mrs?
You are my bitches. 
There’s always a better idea. 
Everything has a process. 
And sleep.
It’s easy to get lost in SCA world. It’s only been 6 weeks, but to say it has flown by is an understatement.
Days merge into weeks, weeks into months and you sit writing a blog post wondering where the time has gone. 
So much information comes at you thick and fast that it’s hard to find your own road though it.
In all honesty, I don’t think there’s a quick fix answer. 
What may work for me, won’t for others.
I guess there is no quick fix for retaining it all. 
Instead, you’ve got to find those moments that chime with you. Develop them and make them part of your process. 
I just hope I find mine soon.  

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