Deciding what success is – By @Jonothankh

By Jonothan Hunt


Deciding what success is


We pan slowly towards a large stage. Crowds far-reaching in every direction. I enter.

The crowd is ecstatic.



I talked in a previous SCAB about walking and talking to myself.  People do it to come up with ideas, to make and practice speeches and presentations, to make stories.

My own stories have been fantastical movie plots that have kept me hooked enough to walk around the block until they’re done.

Some have been about leading marches.

Some have been ads that have moved people enough to stop them in their tracks.

Unbelievable escapes, comedy routines, crazy inventions, speeches that have lead revolutions.


I want to be loud.

Not just for the sake of it though; so many people with a big voice out there aren’t using it for good.

Imagine if every kid was given the chance to be their best.

Imagine if companies and their customers thought alike.

Imagine the person who will inspire the world to recycle.

See the person that inspires every kid to innovate.

Someone who’s able to unite everyone together without war.

The person that inspires a move against all prejudice.

This is possible.


We need a leader that can see the goal.


Someone who approaches it differently.

Someone who makes that goal memorable.

Someone people trust.

Someone people can relate to.

Someone who can take everyone on the journey to the goal.


Of course, amongst many other things, I’ve dreamed of being that leader. I’ve dreamt time and time again of fairly legitimate answers to so many of our world’s problems.

If I was on a stage surrounded by people, as a leader, I would make it move down to ground level because everyone has been empowered and everybody has done their part to make our world a better place.

I’ve realised all this doesn’t sound as epic when not listening to Hans Zimmer’s greatest hits.

I reckon a good leader will shoot for the stars and throw everyone else towards the edge of the universe.


I’m @Jonothankh everywhere online.











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