Destiny versus logic ? – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski


Destiny versus logic ?

Personally, I believe that everything has an explanation. Due to my experiences I have the impression that no matter what I do, my destiny is already written. I’m the kind of girl who believes in tarot cards, astrology, and horoscopes. I believe in these ideas because sometimes things in life are out of our control. I believe that there must be a higher power in control of our destiny. For example, my mother’s best friend moved away from her home in Macedonia to London, where she has been living for more than 20 years. This inspired me to venture out on a similar journey, and if my mother had never met her this may have altered my destiny.

Furthermore, power can also be in the hands of those around us, such as friends, family, teachers etc…This means that my successes and failures in life can be dependent upon the actions of others and I find this phenomenon quite frustrating. An example of this could be a car crash. Such impactful events involve many external factors. In this case they would be the abilities of the driver, the weather, the road conditions, other drivers on the road etc… All of these potentially have a part to play in the occurence of the accident and some of them are out of our control.

However, even though this phenomena frustrates me I do also believe that we must face challenges in life and my artistic studies have helped me to understand and accept this. It has given me insight into the subjectiveness of tastes and that all human beings are complex and unique. Sometimes things appeal to us and other times they do not. It’s not like a formula of mathematics that is fixed, but here it is question of sense, of perception. A mathematician will have to retain his formulas, recite or even make calculations by simple logical reasoning. Therefore, you have to understand that by working in advertising you have to accept that you need to « kill your baby », if an idea its not great you need to keep trying until you find the perfect one.

I am so happy to have arrived in England, because I see it as a part of my destiny and my journey. I have been dreaming of studying in England since I was a child and I have now accomplished this. However, as I said, my destiny is already fixed and my being here is not solely down to my own actions. I hope to stay here a long time, and especially to stay at the SCA.

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