Discoveries about myself (Lockdown Ver.) – By @nclrolly

Discoveries about myself (Lockdown Ver.)

1) I can appreciate fiction in English

English fiction was not something I enjoy before I discovered Call Me By Your Name. After watching the movie, I rewatched some scenes on Youtube and found from the comments that there’s more to the story in the book. So for the first time ever, I made an effort to finish a fiction in English. A month ago, I completed the sequel. (Quite a remarkable achievement actually.) I picked up some short stories written by Raymond Carver last week. He was an author I came across in English Literature classes back in HK. Guess my Eng Lit journey is starting again.

2) 10 days in the house can be enjoyable

About two weeks into the lockdown, I stayed at home without going out for 10 days. It wasn’t the first time I did that, but back then was for studying A-levels and pretty tough, so guess it was different. Pretty sure, SCA was keeping extremely occupied for those ten days, and Skillshare helped to fill my time as well, like how to draw a face in proportion. 

3) Being indoorable is not necessarily healthy

Given the last point I made, I felt weak after staying indoors for too long. My limbs were only in motion when I need to grab something from my room upstairs. After the tenth day, the warmer temperature came and my Uncle and Auntie decided to do walks after dinner. I joined and felt pretty tired after the first walk.

4) It’s hard to stay focused

Back in the studio, I can keep my head down working and still won’t miss anything. Marc played music before town hall started, mentors came to my desk when it’s my turn to see them and my friends reminded me lunch has to be done in 20 minutes for the master class starting soon. Since I started working from home, I tried to not be too absorbed in doing anything, I am worried about something happening in the virtual studio. It is sometimes quite difficult to focus on the task on hand.

5) Be kind to my eyes

When I wake up, I look at my phone, then my laptop when I’m working or reading the news. I sometimes watch TV as well. Screen time has increased so much and my eyes feel tired quite often. A tip from my aunt is 20-20: make sure I look at green plants for 20 seconds every 20 mins or so.

6) Spend more time waking up

I left my sunrise alarm clock in London (just realised that). So I’ve been rolling in my bed for a little more than usual and taking my time to convince myself to get out of bed and write that brief. I’m getting one from Amazon now.

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