Do What Makes You Happy by @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton

By Michael Hutton


Do What Makes You Happy


Over the past couple of weeks, as the stresses of portfolio day grow ever greater, Marc has made us focus on work we truly love. Work that makes us happy. Work that gets our creative juices flowing.

For a lot of us, including me, we’re guilty of overanalysing briefs. We lose the exact thing we’re supposed to be learning and embracing at SCA – creative thinking. Communicating an idea in its simplest form.

Marc admitted the heavy focus on strategy this year was a mistake. It will be different next year. That’s not to say it’s been totally pointless.

Another thing to remember, especially for those next year, is not to question yourself. Don’t ever question yourself. Just do. If you find a nice route, explore it. Explore several.

Not every idea has to end hunger, reverse Global Warming, or cure Cancer.

Ideas are supposed to entertain as much as they should change human behaviour. If you don’t love an idea, how can you expect 7 billion people to do the same? Marc talks about loving your work, because then at least one person in the world does – and many others will likely follow.

If you don’t love it, no one will.

With only portfolio day a few weeks away, I’ve found my happy place. And after speaking to Vikki, she encouraged me to do the work that makes me happy. The work that shows my way of thinking and my creative passion.

This is probably the only time in my career I’ll be able to do what I want, and it’s taken me far too long to realise it.

At least now I know.

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