Don’t claim ownership – By @NicholasKugge

Nick Kugge

By Nick Kugge


Don’t claim ownership


Late one evening, my partner and I were coming back from Brixton market. We were relaxed, confident; few minutes ago as we were wandering around the market’s exotic food ales we were hit by creative juice. We entered the studio still on this creative high, tired but relieved. One of the few team left came over and asked us how the brief was going. We confidently pitched our idea to them and slowly saw their smile vanished. F—k we both had the same idea.

It happens all the time and it is a good reminder that ideas do not belong to anyone. Since I joined SCA, I see ideas in a different way, they float around us and everyone can spot one. It is an ecosystem where different references can create connections leading to the same idea.

The other lesson is that we all benefit from sharing ideas between each other’s. We often have a bank of ideas where once stored they never see the light of day anymore. Giving away these ideas forces you to constantly reinvent yourself, but also prevents you from missing out on an opportunity. I remember the reveal of last year’s Cannes Future Lions winners and how painful it was to realise I had scribbled down – and forgotten – in a four year old notepad the same idea.

As we were leaving the studio the words of Ross Bailey – one of SCA’s biggest success story – came back to mind, “It’s not an idea until you’ve made it happen.”

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