Suck My Propositions


You love em. I love em. We all love em. You can do em for anything or anyone. So I did em for the entire cohort. You can all shoot me later for not being on brand. Try not to take offence, I did them out of love. If you do take offence, I refer you to the title. Enjoy. 

Love you all 🙂


Caesar – The ringmaster of your mind. 

Ian – Crafty hands. 

Rob MacDaddy – A game of show and don’t tell

Pete – Twisted thoughts

Caroline – Sugar-coating is bad for your health

Gary – Fluent in pictures

Alex Taylor – Pressure forms diamonds

Richard Russell – Creme de la copy

Uri – Urika

Pip – Room. Must go in. Room boring. Must leave. Oh look, a cup. 


Aimee – Anything you design, I design better

Alec – Hit the wall, then climb it

Rob West – Woof.

Jodie – Baby-faced assassin 

Liv – Queen Bee 

Molly – Too art to handle

Hope – She’s a kiwi, do you copy?

Charlie H – The man aboot town

Anna – Lil thumbs, big voice 

Charlie L – Serial chiller

Jamaal – As long as it’s cool

Gwen – The Dutch master of Adobe

Issie – Peach perfect

Annie – White rabbit

Xavier – 10 years old with 20 years experience

Euan – Where’s Liv?

Lara – Dark Princess of Quirkiness

Juliette – Whoit.

Nesu – In a jovial mood

Emma – Ca va bien

Oscar – Ella

Anu – Goes the long distance

Dave – The world is his canvas. Vape is his paintbrush.

Ella – Oscar

Paola – El Tigre

Pascaline – One career just isn’t enough

Jess – Leather the storm

Andrew – Sleeping Beauty 

Nicole – It’s 5am somewhere

Travis – So…how can we gamify it?

Rohmarra – Sunset’s sunshine

PJ – The second mouse gets the cheese

Ali – The real Turkish delight

Tara – Cool cat

Bryony – Hide your pets

Nabeel – Rice 4 days 

Kavit – International man of mystery

Oyinda – Work is too easy. Back to school. 

Fred – ?

If you feel any are wrong, well…that’s nice. 

That said, I’ve left my SMP open for whoever wants to write me one. Go crazy. The best one will be my Twitter / Instagram bio. Make it dark, funny, brutal, deep, offensive, cute – whatever. I’m all yours. 




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