The Dream – By @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam


The Dream

SCA has ruined my sleep. The 6 hours of sleep I get is the only part of my life where I can disconnect step away from the studio and my portfolio. Well think again because SCA is now part of my dream cycle and I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.

Going to sleep in term 1 and 2 was like taking a spa break I would slip into a deep sleep and awake with a sense of satisfaction from the black and nothingness my sleep provided me. Almost coma like. With the stress of break ups and the relentless nature everyone has with their tables at SCA. going to sleep has set me in to a state of anxiety. So here is a weeks of SCA dreams. Many are so realistic I have woken and have questioned if it was real life or just a fantasy.

Last night going in to the weekend from a bit of a boozy one at the market house you would expect a fun filled dream, to me that would be nothingness. Instead my dream consisted of Rachel and Tarun moving to our desk. I walked in to the studio to find they had made themselves very much at home. The table was cow printed and they were boasting curtains at the window. Our work and belongings were gone. The only thing remained was the 1/4 bottle of rum. Probably for the best.

Thursday – I walked in to the studio and me and Josie had matching earrings. Appreciation of her accessories? I think so.

Wednesday – Marc had sent an email round saying he was breaking up every team. We went in to school that day and were partnered up with people he had found on the street. Marc found a Dan double for Jacob that day they were dressed the same and were sporting the same haircut.

Tuesday – Marc got everyone to do a group dance at town hall. There was no song in the dream but I wonder what song he would of given us as a cohort.

Monday – Vic had cleared out the fridge and had eaten everybody lunches. Everybody was angry. Ruby gave her a good telling off.

Sunday – Sundays was not quite SCA, but enough SCA to mention. I was trapped in my head unable to move. I was going to be really late for school and I didn’t know how to get out. I had these numbers on part of my brain and I thought I could ring someone to say that I couldn’t come in. I kept trying to ring Sophie but I didn’t know her number. I tried telepathically calling her instead but she didn’t answer. I did however wake up in her house that morning.

Saturday – Lucy decided she didn’t want to work with me. She had a meeting with Marc. Put our portfolio in the bin sat in Dunbar the rest of the day. Didn’t say a word to me. Very rude of her.

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