A pursued attitude of gratitude (4 of 5) – By @philgull

By Philip Gull

A pursued attitude of gratitude (4 of 5)

  1. I am grateful for Wednesdays.
  2. I am grateful we can disagree on what constitutes art and advertising, because it makes things much more interesting.
  3. I am grateful for BBC 4.
  4. I am grateful for the modern razor blade, regardless of how it is sometimes advertised.
  5. I am grateful for writing lots of SCABs.
  6. I am grateful for how writing them has made me challenge my digital anxiety.
  7. I am grateful I eventually wrote my first three SCABs after putting them off all summer because I was terrified of writing them.
  8. I am grateful that SCA has made me confront more of my fears.
  9. I am grateful I did go to comedy school last night.
  10. I am grateful for literature.
  11. I am grateful there are worlds we can escape to when this world is overwhelming.
  12. I am grateful there are worlds we can inhabit and lose ourselves in.
  13. I am grateful there are worlds that hold up a mirror to our own, and make us consider it more carefully.
  14. I am grateful there are worlds full of characters we secretly identify with more than other people in our lives.
  15. I am grateful there are worlds orbiting the stars in our galaxy.
  16. I am grateful for the moon when I’m at home in the countryside and want to go on the trampoline after sunset.
  17. I am grateful for the sun.
  18. I am grateful to live at a latitude where we have distinct seasons, and the weather is always changing and shaping itself into something new.
  19. I am grateful for spring.
  20. I am grateful for summer.
  21. I am grateful for autumn.
  22. I am grateful, even for winter.
  23. I am grateful for the huge variety of sizes and shapes clouds come in.
  24. I am grateful for huge, brooding clouds, full of water and drama.
  25. I am grateful for the small, elevated wisps of vapour that remind me how huge the sky is, but also make me think our environment is fragile.
  26. I am grateful I always have food to eat.
  27. I am grateful I had a doctor’s appointment today.
  28. I am grateful I saw Alex Mecklenburg today.
  29. I am grateful Marcia convinced me to do so.
  30. I am grateful for Alex’s kindness, wisdom and insight.
  31. I am grateful that an issue is an opportunity for improvement.
  32. I am grateful that Alex knows what I’m been through.
  33. I am grateful she taught me how to be grateful for things I never imagined I’d be grateful for.
  34. I am grateful for my ego.
  35. I am grateful ego can be there to pick you up when you fail.
  36. I am grateful for my hunger.
  37. I am grateful for all the difficult things I have been through in life.
  38. I am grateful that every day could be as identical or different to the one before, depending only on your perspective.
  39. I am grateful Marc made me redo a topical three times today.
  40. I am grateful topical ads are a thing. They’re really strange if you stop to think about them.
  41. I am grateful my parents are back in England soon, because I miss them.
  42. I am grateful my sister will soon have finished her exams, and be able to relax.
  43. I am grateful my other sister is doing really well living down in Bristol.
  44. I am grateful for bookmarks.
  45. I am grateful for books.
  46. I am grateful that I’m starting to believe, and not just hypothetically hope, that gratitude is a muscle.
  47. I am grateful that I can train it.
  48. I am grateful it’s halfway through the week and I feel very calm.
  49. I am grateful I’m working with Max this week.
  50. I am grateful there are lots of people at SCA I’d love to work with as a duo for the next many years of my life, because I thought that would be an impossibly tough thing to pick people for.
  51. I am grateful for my 6-minute diary.
  52. I am grateful that the lamps in the studio emit a nice warm yellow light.
  53. I am grateful for the clock in the pit.
  54. I am grateful for having both self-doubt and self-confidence.
  55. I am grateful for my headphones.
  56. I am grateful I can choose to take the bus or tube home now.
  57. I am grateful for my friend Eliza.
  58. I am grateful for her kindness and support.
  59. I am grateful for cinnamon bagels with ham because even though Eliza says it’s a mortal sin to mix savoury and sweet foods, I think they’re delicious and hold no totalitarian stances on the subject of taste.
  60. I am grateful she is still friends with me even though I have eaten many cinnamon bagels in front of her.
  61. I am grateful for my glasses because I lost them today and was rendered immobile for like 3 hours.
  62. I am grateful for being able to switch between both a short-term and long-term mentality.
  63. I am grateful that tomorrow is Thursday which means crafting!


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