Susan’s Third SCAB – By @susanmcfadzean

By Susan Mcfadzean



Each time I come to write my SCAB (I’m hoping I get past the ugly visuals I associate with this word soon) I question if I’m writing it for myself or if I’m writing it for others to find interesting/educational/motivating blah blah.

Really though, if it’s purpose is for self reflection, then it is merely a space for my thoughts to free flow.  And, as I plan to use it for that, I do apologise for what may become a tireless and mundane archive of blog posts written by myself. Maybe Marc will take pity on you and only share every other or dependent on quality, 1 in 5. Otherwise, here’s the heads up! 

Moving forward, alongside all the other life responsibilities (I just heard the washing machine beep and need to hang my laundry) I did some maths and budgeting (not my strong point!!) and accepted the fact I will work weekends throughout this year. Whilst I need the cash I also understand the value of my time and more importantly my energy. So I requested a wage rise. This request was met with a scheduled meeting with the owner of the business and the new nickname Ms Twenty – Pound Per Hour… well, I wouldn’t knock it! .. but we are still talking just below Londons living wage so I’m not buying Aesop hand soap just yet. 

I can laugh off the nickname but the one remark that got me was,

‘What makes you think you deserve a wage rise and Topsy, Tim or Kipper dosent?’ 

Well I never said they didn’t deserve one. But have they asked for one? Are they willing to compose an email and suffer the awkward meeting for 50pence extra per hour? I’m not sure. But I can’t shake the feeling of being made to feel guilty for asking for something that others didn’t. 

I’ll go to the meeting, and after boasting about how truly amazing I am as a waiter, I plan to seal the deal with the promise of commitment. And commitment is a big deal. 

So I’m thinking to see the next 12 months as a test of endurance. Everything I consciously commit too, I will stick too and give my all. Obviously SCA is top of the list. Well.. kind of scribbled beside my relationship… He helped me with my project so he couldn’t exactly come second. Work, in the money generating sense is next. There are a few other maybes that I can’t quit commit to yet, i.e I want to cycle the 45 minutes to school everyday. But can I really commit to that in miserable weather through winter? Pfft. Not sure. 

Anyway, I guess the moral to own story is, know what you need and know what you want first of all. Then be careful what you ask for. And be careful how you ask for it. And if you get it, stay true to your commitment. 

Wish me luck! 

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