Poo Painting by @G_Horrocks

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By Georgia Horrocks


Make Original Shit Happen is a tall order. Especially in a postmodernist society where it is very easy to proclaim, “Everything’s already been done!”

A quick scroll down on VICE’s website will inform you that this is no excuse. (

One article discusses a ‘Poo Painting’ of Mark Zuckerburg, created and secreted by a street artist named KATSU. His medium (the poo) correlates directly with his socio-political belief that Mark Zuckerberg is a “shitty person”.

Another point of interest, perhaps, is that his name KATSU may or may not be related to the fact that he, ‘loaded up on Thai food’ before painting (smearing?) said portrait.

It can be argued, of course, that this shit isn’t original; the article sites other similar artistry. Calvin Klein, for example, might care to know that Fox Bronte has also chosen Justin Bieber as his muse and has depicted him in gathered pubic hair. (

I’m not suggesting we interpret our year’s motto quite as literally as KATSU. The dick pics from my eBay venture have only just stopped and I feel an Essay of Excrement may push my family over the edge.

No, just a gentle reminder to myself and any of you who’ve braved it to the end, of what we set out to do.

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