Run from fear, fun from the rear. – By Helena Smith @_helenasmith

By Helena Smith


Run from fear, fun from the rear.


So I’ve started to come to terms, that against all my controlling tendencies the best way for me to work might actually be, backwards. Last week we were literally screamed at by Marc to have more fun with our work. A very strange experience. But clearly since however I was doing before wasn’t working, I decided to let fun ideas rule me this week. This meant that for this week’s portfolio inspection, I had naked people, men acting like dogs and tyre ad’s encouraging antagonistic behaviour. Admittedly these probably falls into the ‘studenty’ bracket we all want to avoid, but for me it was definitely a step towards, dumb clever ads.


And now having been on a few book crit’s and listening to almost identical feedback about what was in our book, I can so clearly see where I have been going wrong all this time. As a result, I felt a bit stupid and then went on to act a little more stupidly. I go passed the insight I need to draw on every time. Forget Helmut Krone’s quest for the new page, Helena Smith seemed to be on the mission to find the strategy to confuse most human being’s possible, from a brief as simple as, get more people to go for eye tests.


Every time I let my disbelief that what I’m doing isn’t clever enough ergo good enough. I keep pushing, and push it over the cliff and burry in it the depth of the ocean floor. No more. After this week, I do feel refreshed and I’ve started to enjoy what I’m doing again. Maybe what people is telling me is true, this is a fun gagg?


Here’s to starting from the rear and thinking about what I wouldn’t want to do and using that as a starting point to persuade to my fellow humans to buy shit.


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