Think Fast, Not Slow by @EdwinaKhayat

Edwina Khayat

By Edwina Khayat


Think Fast, Not Slow

6:00 pm – I settle down to write this scab. For once, I know exactly what I want to write about. Rory Sutherland gave an inspiring talk this morning, and I feel like writing about it.

6:15 pm – I get the main structure down and start writing.

6:20 pm – I get a Facebook notification ‘The School of Communication Arts – London shared a link…’

6:25 pm – I finish reading Ed’s scab. The one I was about to write. 

6:26 pm – I stop writing my scab.


I didn’t do it fast enough, and as a result someone was quicker and took my place. 

Rory talked about how he spots problem in his every day life, like the highway exit that people keep missing because of bad signage. He then acts on them. 

Problems are opportunities. Sometimes opportunities present themselves, like writing an interesting scab. Sometimes they are less trivial. The thing is to spot them and act on them, quickly, before someone else does. The world is full of competitors. The room is full of competitor. 

I’m not being fast enough. I like to digest information. Let things brew a bit. Sometimes a bit too much. I miss out on opportunities.

At least, all of this has taught me to be more reactive. To be all eyes and ears. To spot a problem, and solve it. To have an idea, and scamp it. To see an opportunity, and grab it. Instead of having it obnoxiously taunt me in that little red circle on the Facebook icon. 

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