Don’t forget who you are. By @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee



Don’t forget who you are.

It’s not hard to say that SCA isn’t your average school. We’re not here to get grades; we’re not a number on an exam paper.  We’re here as ourselves, to work hard and to create a legacy.

I thought this year would consist of us continually working like robots, like a strange inhumane factory; constantly taking in information and spitting out ideas left right and centre. 

Wake up in ad mode. Go to sleep in ad mode. No time to think about me, my family, my friends.  

I came eager to get this year started. Ready to step onto this treadmill and keep going. 

No stopping. 

No looking back. 

No time for other people.

My mind on overdrive.


Since starting, one theme that has really surprised me and appeared a lot, both in the talks we’ve had in school and in the agencies we’ve visited, is personal development.

Marc began the year by highlighting the importance as ourselves as individuals, knowing our own values and allocating time to spend with the people we love away from school.

After hearing this,

I felt an unexpected sense of calm.

…I had to put this treadmill into reverse. 

Yesterday, Marc said: You have to be YOU to let your ideas flourish.

It got me thinking..

This year, (as cliche as it sounds) we need to find ourselves. We have to explore our personal passions and be as true to ourselves as possible. Create things that speaks to us and don’t necessarily do the things we think people ‘want’ to hear. Through exploration we need to find our own styles (if we haven’t already) and embrace it, so that in the end we don’t just accept any old job, but aim to find an agency that speaks to us and produces work that we aspire to do.

Arriving last Tuesday we all entered with a shared enthusiasm for advertising, but brought along our own interests, drives and desires. There is 34 of us, each with our own personality and I think that’s the beauty in why our school is so unique – the fact that we are all so different. Already we can see the diverse range of the ideas that surface. Ideas that would never have crossed my mind.

I’m sure that working together this year will no doubt not only be inspiring but make us become more knowledgeable, more open minded and better people because of it. Allowing our personalities to grow and develop.

So let’s not conform, let’s be ourselves. And don’t let anyone change that.

Again, today, I felt this idea was reinforced when my group visited Havas. While we were there we got the incredible opportunity to speak to Gerry Moira, a Creative Chairman who spoke about being sucked into the vortex of the business and how easy it is for all our creative energies to become dried out; suggesting we should always try and take the time to stand back, look at our career and the work we are generating. He added that we should give ourselves time to recharge our batteries and placed a lot of emphasis on not neglecting the things that we enjoy doing outside of work and how it is these things that make us broader creatives.

So yes, we will have to work hard this year and yes, it may be in a slightly robotic/ weird cult-like way, but I think it’s important to remember what Marc said so we don’t lose ourselves and our values.

Be you and be true.

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