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By Nick Lindo





I wrote my first proper script this week.


Was it any good? I don’t know – I like it.


But what I like more than it, is that I did it.


It’s surprising, disturbing almost, how much you can tell yourself that you’ll do this or that and wouldn’t it be great if this happened or that happened.


And yet very little actually gets made.


It’s partly down to self-censorship of course – we all want to portray ourselves as this shiny object that can be plucked off the student shelf and plonked down onto the mantelpiece of agency life (Christ, what a tepid metaphor).


But really that mentality is getting us nowhere.


How can you possibly improve if you’re not making things?


Before I came to SCA I felt as if I’d turn up, do the year and be released as a creative that is super creative and does mega creative things because that’s what he knows how to do now so great!


Not only do I realise that I’ll never feel like that – I’m glad I’ll never feel like that.


Because if you feel clever and complete and the finished article, you’re probably not learning anything.


And if I stop learning the second I walk out of SCA I’ll be, well, shit at advertising.



So, here’s to a career of uncertainty, insecurity and constant fear.

Thanks life.

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