Dot. Dot. Dot.

I’ve been collecting some interesting dots recently, consuming as much as i can from the world around me. And nobody likes a gatekeeper so here’s some things, in no particular order that I’ve found that you might find interesting. 

Reddit: An obvious one. The front page of the internet

The Week: good for news 

Ground news: also good for unbiased news 

Fubiz: Good for inspiration 

Colossal: See above

The.Ad.Mirer shoutout to Ex-SCA alum Andreas for starting this Instagram account. Cool to keep an eye on which agencies are making what in the world.  

Campaign: Can’t get pass their stupid fucking paywall but good for industry shit i’ve heard

The Drum Can’t get over the horrible UX/UI but good for industry shit. Better than Campaign

Dinosaw  – Good for science/tech shit. Out weekly 

Cleo Abram  The same as above. She’s cool. Looking into some cool science and tech things    

Kurzgesagt  – Cool science cartoons on how the world’s gone to shit and is about to end 

Broken RecordRick Rubin and Malcom Gladwell hosting a podcast. Cool conversations with the musicians you love talking all about their life, inspiration, and craft.  

Huberman Lab  Cool show with a clever man. Andrew Huberman is a doctor and tenured professor at Stanford.  He makes it easy to understand how our brain and its connections with our organs control our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People  Cool podcast about super interesting people from around the world telling their interesting stories. Hosted by comedian Chris Gethard  

No Such Thing As A Fish  Cool show from the producers of QI. Loads of interesting facts. Great for surprising Jodie on your walk from the train station to school in the morning. 

The Xplainer Company Cool TikTok account explaining things like a five year old could understand. Says a lot about my brain I guess.

The Bootleg Boy Cool Youtube channel soundtracking most of my working days. Recently released a synthwave stream which is great. 

Kiosk from Owen Pomery Cool occasional notes, news and observations of illustrator/author Owen D. Pomery.

Meanwhile from Daniel Benneworth Gray Cool newsletter from a cool designer. Inspiration, fascination and procrastination from the desk of designer Daniel Benneworth-Gray.

Sonder & Tell Their weekly newsletter is a deep dive into brand strategy and language. cool for my copywriter friends out there 

Reed Words Same as above. Check out their blog. It’s cool. Also Mike Reed is a copywriting badass! 

Nick Astbury Cool for thoughts on copywriting, poetry, advertising, design, language and culture. 

Maison Assouline Definitely somewhere to check out next time any of you are in London. Thank me later 

Pixdar Cool french shop fronts from photographer Eric Darvoy. 

Just an example of the few things I’ve found recently that you might find cool. Let me know which ones you’ve liked and share your favorite sources of inspiration with me. Hit the link down below! 



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