Dot Party – By @rolloskinner

By Rollo Skinner


Dot Party 


I’m a boogier.


Always have been, always hope to be.

I’ve inherited it from my dad.

Whatever the occasion he’s first on that dance floor, and after a series of intensely focused, erratic gestures, he’s last to leave it.


That’s what I thought parties were all about.

Dancefloor Therapy.


But after Marc shared Jonathan MacDonald’s Tedx talk with us on Friday morning, that evening I tried something different.



As J Mac said, every person has a story to tell. Every person is brimming full of insights and information that might just help you crack Cannes or the latest portfolio brief.


It seems obvious, and should really go without saying, but whilst others have been accumulating knowledge, I’ve been dancing away.


So, I started asking questions. Finding the dots.


I learned about the history of Persia and modern day Iran. Bizarrely, a Persian boy wasn’t allowed to meet his father until he was 5 years old. Perhaps I wouldn’t be the groover that I am today, if I too had been restricted by societal values.


I felt the fierce passion of a new mum, out for the first time on her own since giving birth. Everyday she watches her child absorb this new world. She spoke with such pride and wisdom. I wondered what she’d been like just months before. How motherhood has changed her, strengthened her.


I learned from a very interesting chap that the boiling temperature on the moon is -162 degrees, so if you want to have a cup of tea it would be ill advised. It’ll be unpleasantly cold and you’ll die from the damage to your internal organs. Whereas on Saturn’s moon it’ll boil at 16 degrees making a far safer and enjoyable experience. It turns out we can boil water at room temperature on earth by using a vacuum. Maybe there’s a Cannes thought-starter in there somewhere.


So from now on I will use a party a little differently.


Don’t worry Lauren, I’ll still be boogying. But no longer will I just be blowing off steam during the macarena, I’ll be listening, asking questions, collecting dots. We’re surrounded by the stories that you can’t find on Vice or in Metro. They’re in the people around us.


Dots better than any trip to a gallery.

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