Drop a few if you’ve got em to give – By John

By John – The Intake of 2017/18



It’s pencil season. What’s the most interesting fact/insight/piece of information you’ve discovered while researching your briefs?

(Drop a few if you’ve got em to give)


Joe: Walkers (crisps) don’t allow potatoes grown near golf courses to be used for chips as the machines can’t tell the difference between a potato and a golf ball.

Chewing gum cleaning costs UK Govt £150m a year to clear away


Christian: a study shows that 13.9 million people Call in sick or arrive late to work, the Day after the super Bowl.


The world’s billionaires made enough money In 2017 to end Extreme poverty seven times over.


Sara: So much thought goes into the names of baby foods. Next time you’re in a shop you’ll notice that they’re often called things like ‘sweet potato and lamb’ rather than ‘lamb and sweet potato’. This is because to list an ingredient first, the food has to contain at least 10% by weight of the total product. Look out for ones with ‘descriptive’ names too, calling a product a ‘creamy fish pie’ means it is allowed to flaunt that 10% requirement (for some reason).


Poppy: adidas were the first to create a performance tracking product. They added it to the tongue of the trainers, but sadly the world wasn’t ready for it… yet.


Run DMC may have started the mystery trend of holding your shoe in the air at a concert.


Adeline: Gingers are NOT endangered. And teen pregnancy is at its lowest since 1998 in the UK.


Philly: Chinese millenials are clever, have no student debt and will probably drive the future of the world.


Meg: The large majority of food waste is actually caused by consumers, rather than production and manufacturing… and 1 in 4 calories produced is never eaten!


Becky: 300 languages are spoken in schools in London.


Henry: A female dolphin will assist in a birth of another’s baby dolphin


Ben: Burger King doesn’t actually flame grill in store it BROILS! Which is as depressing qof a process as the word sounds.

Petra: Flamed grilled meat gets its flavour from the Maillard reaction, which occurs when the meat is cooked in at least 200 degrees. Several chemical chain reactions starts when the carbohydrates and the amino acids in the meat reacts with water. The outcome is a smokey flavour and caramelised brown surface.


Helena: people do research about the weirdest things


Holly: The average age to own your first home in the UK is 38. Soon to rise to 41.


Melina: A significant percentage of bankers suffer from mental illness. So they don’t just cause it.


Jono: Google processes 100 billion searches a month. CIA reads up to 15 million tweets a day (hey guys!).

Twitter’s bird is called Larry.


James: People look at art work 3 times longer than a digital image.


Nick: Thousands of young African boys are trafficked to Europe under the false pretense of a football trial. Hey are robbed and left abandoned.


Rachel: Paper can react the exact same way as metal in a crash.


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