Easter Time – By @CocoShellim

By Coco Shellim


Easter Time

The deadline for Cannes has just past. We had to make the decision to not submit anything, after having spent almost a month drowning in tech innovations I don’t fully understand and endless lists of all the worlds problems waiting to be solved. Problems ranging from the most menial first world problem like getting blisters from new shoes, to the melting ice caps. Unfortunately both of these problems still exist.
The last day of term felt like a bit of a kicking. Lower portfolio score. Bad mood and tiredness. Brain dead attempts to come up with a cool idea for Cannes. 
Time to shut off and enjoy the week off. Sleep has been good. Didn’t even have to set an alarm this morning. 
Time to binge a series.
Time to read a book that has nothing to do with creativity.
Time to respond to texts and catch up with the pals I miss.
Time to sleep in.
Time to wake up and then have another nap.
Time to do some culture and some sport.
Time to turn my phone off for a day.
Time for a bath.
Time to chill with my dog.
Time to switch off from SCA mode.
Time to look at some art to get inspiration.
Time to read so I can learn how to write.
Time to paint the flower pots.
Time I started to work the system and myself and wrote a scab in advance for once.

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