What your Design Style says about you (SCA Edition)

After studying graphic design for three years before SCA, I had to analyse over 5000 designers, so they may say my analytical skills are top-notch. There is a saying that your design style says a lot about you as a person, and I’m here to tell you what your design really says about YOU. I’m here to use my eye for design specialisation to dictate everything you need to know. No sugarcoating.

Alec –sparky, wild at times.  There is never a dull moment with Alec’s boldness.

Ali –Abstract. Ali’s designs are evidently handcrafted straight from the heart that can tug a heartstring or two.

Andrew –Functional. Andrew’s designs are based off logic and facts. No beating around the bush with him.

Anna – Saucy. Flirtatious from time to time. Leaves you wanting more (and more).

Annie- Extremely youthful. Bursts of energy with her vibrant designs. The modern-day trendy gen z’er that everyone aspires to be. 

Anu- Mysterious. Leaves you asking a lot of questions.

Charlie H- Playful and sometimes provoking in an endearing sense. Charlie Haar’s designs will definitely leave you smiling for days.

Charlie L- A distinctive 90s disco-tech style that not even Dalle 2.0 can emulate.

Dave- Thunderous. Almost like a cool, loud 3d  tattoo that will leave you a mark for eternity.

Euan & Samson – macho bois who probably hit a bench press PR every Wednesday 

Fred & Jamaal- A modern day Don Vito Corleone

Gwen-  Timelessly stylish.  A definite trendsetter of SCA.

Hope-  Stickmen.

Issie & Molly – Minimal. Very clean and crisp. The finest eye for pristine detail. 

Jodie-  Hilarious. Like a stand up comedian carracature.

Juliette & Emma- Very weird (in the best possible way). You will never be bored around their quirky designs.

Nabeel- A hint of south Asian flavour with the spicy colour palettes and floral geometric pattern that consist throughout his work 

Nesu-  comedic gold. That’s it.

Nicole-  Very cute. Nicole’s designs are a ray of sunshine that will light up your day with her choice of fun colour palette and fun typeface decisions.

Oscar & Ella –Visual designs that always have wit and humour in spades.

Pascaline- Pascaline’s design work elicits raw emotions with her illustrative thinking.

Rob & Liv – A mildly cool gothic 45-year-old northern man in Wetherspoons that you just want to drink with (and crack a few jokes with).

Rohmarra & jess – stupidly innovative. Dalle 3.0 on acid. 

Tara-  Friendly. Inviting. Tara’s design work invites you to her slumber parties with a big hug and the hot chocolate on a Monday night. 

Travis- Brixton in a nutshell.

Xavier & Lara – If machine gun Kelly was a BDSM mistress. The mistress guaranteed to show you a good time.


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