The Mystery of Life. The Knowing of Death by @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton

By Michael Hutton


“The Mystery of Life. The Knowing of Death.”

For the past few months, my Uncle has been living at home whilst he recovers from Oesophageal Cancer.

I had expected the atmosphere at home to be markedly different, but my Uncle has made every effort to keep the family dynamic as intake as possible. With minimal strength, he spends his days either in bed or on the sofa reading. Only really surfacing to eat, or attempt a short walk.

It is a pretty bleak existence for a man who should still be living life to the fullest.

Last night, I found out his cancer was inoperable, and other than a miracle, incurable. There is no definitive timeline for his remaining time on Earth, but suffice to say, his health will only decline until he departs for good.

He is an impressive man. Facing death with dignity. Coming to terms with his impending demise shows real strength and bravery in any human.

Do we really need news like this to compel us to live with purpose?

It is no different knowing you have 50 years left on Earth. Our time will eventually be up, and all we can do is look back on what could’ve been. On the missed opportunities. And the regret.

It made me question what I want from life.

It made me question my recent application to SCA.

And it made me question how I act as a human.

I really don’t want to depart this Earth without leaving a trace of my existence. Even one ad. Just one fucking great ad will do me.

That’s why we’re all here right?

To do something amazing. To change the World. To better ourselves. To better those around us. To drive ourselves forward.

If I’m guaranteed to depart this Earth, why do I struggle so much to live life to the fullest?

Perhaps I secretly want to die, because in my 28 years on this Earth, I certainly haven’t acted as if I particularly wanted to live.

If I am afraid to truly live, does it mean I’m content with the idea of death? Does it mean death is my favoured option?

We all have the ability to leave a legacy in our lifetime. There is nothing stopping us from producing the type of work that makes us famous for the following generations of creative minds.

The next Lemon. The next Avis #2. Whatever. They all came from somewhere.

There is possibility everywhere in life. We just need to recognise it and have the confidence and selfishness to take it forward. To be surrounded by the people who will challenge us, and better us.

In the coming months, I’m going to absorb every ounce of wisdom from my Uncle’s remarkable mind. I have no doubt his words of wisdom will change my approach to life.

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