Sam’s Reflection

Sam Markham






By @13samuels


Come on down find your mind
If the glass you break is clean as the Mother father of your kind why does It
Leave you breathing for things they ve seen?
Ain t no problem Amit no problem .
Going to ask you a question
You won t even answer
Sitting with the Buddhas
They can feel their s
They are just like
The rest
But belong to themselves
Come on !
What you know you know
Round and round is the same sound, It brings
You back
To the Point
To the point
What’s the point ?
Who s streets ? Your streets ? My
Streets? Pick your poison
 Pick your Work
 Ain’ t no body gonna hold you down
Round and round
What do you do ?what you do ?
Don t wanna ask
But you re through
Cut your string they think its your mirror
Someone s just paying bills
Paying rent
You think too hard lost in the swell
Just coz you can t spell
Just keep time keep it swing
1 23 round to 4
You just might end up on the floor
And if you do
Look up
All you ll see is from where you fell
A machine with cogs unseen
And with every twist
And with every turn the things you Learn
The things you burn mean so much
But who cares!

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