How to make enemies with words – By @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers


How to make enemies with words


I don’t like people

I don’t like The Walking Dead

There are no boundaries in humor

I don’t shave my legs in the winter

Phoning on a bus should be prohibited

I like geese

Jon Snow should’ve died

Intolerant is not the same as allergic

You can eat Nutella without bread

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t that great

Being old does not excuse being an asshole

The British version of ‘The Office’ is the only true one

‘I’m not racist but’ is racist

Your boyfriend still masturbates

Alcohol is overrated

Mayonnaise should be the standard sauce

It’s uu es bee, not usb

I prefer winter over summer

Peanut butter is disgusting

Olives are life

Euthanasia should be legal

Girls poo

People complain too much

Patriotism is dumb

Zero tolerance for alcohol and driving

Birthday weeks are lame

Either walk fast or stay home

Most American movies end the same

Marijuana should be legalized

A lot of babies are ugly

Jeans are uncomfortable

Having an urn at home is weird

Buying a salad in a restaurant is a waste of money

There is nothing wrong with public breastfeeding

The voting age should be limited to 60

I don’t want milk in my tea

Live Love Laugh signs are a joke

Guys should take anti-conception

Slow drivers are more dangerous than fast ones

Paying for a photographer doesn’t make you a model

Women don’t need to have kids

I don’t iron my clothes

Snapchat is dead

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