What was Marc thinking?!


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


What was Marc thinking?!

Marc Lewis the enigma.  The free spirit, the guru, the genius.  As he sits there puffing on his E-cig mulling over an answer we think sit there waiting in anticipation thinking … what the fuck is he thinking?  We have all done it, every student past and present.  In reality no one will ever be able to really know what the hell Marc is thinking, but it’s more fun to guess in a SCAB….  

Matt K – You think you have a longer arm than me?


Drew – U fuckin wat m8


Larry – Fuck me. That Matt Kennedy really does look like Harry Potter …


Ben T – Corr these man thongs do ride a high line


Becci – Shit I hope I don’t miss out on those vintage bell bottomed neon trousers … Did I bid enough?!


Dennis – Donald who?


Zac – “Oh my god not him again…”


Tristan – 1/10


Fredrica – “This fucking g-string”


Nadia – Double double toil and trouble…


Laura – Look at my extra long arm and the way it can control the computer without looking


Sokaina – Look at how I’m standing in such a regal-casual manner while my delicate fingers gently and ever so slightly touching the curiously small and light apple macbook air’s trackpad.  All the while sharing all my wisdom and life long experience with all of you in a very inspiring relaxed yet assertive way.  heh, life huh?


Nick K – Fuck, what’s his name again?


Katy – Who are these fuckers?


Blaz – Can I reach around back and touch my belly button?


Owen – Yeh that’s right – skin elbow pads


Alex – (good call on the single-colour shirt – otherwise this outfit might have been too loud)


Bea – Shit. They’re on to me


Nunu – *Spider pig, Spider pig……*


Chloe – Does my butt look big in this?  And don’t you dare say yes.


Orla – This look I call magnum


Tomasz – Marc’s binary solo –

shit shit shit shit shit ok shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit wow shit shit shit shit shit shit


Seb – I think Tristan’s paintings are multiplying


Ethan – Just 5 more days


Ben G – Man I wish I still dj-ed


Nihal – Wait.  Where am I? Oh god … Don’t tell me I’m still running this bloody ad school


Alicia – Shall i get my belly button out again


Matt B – Shit I need to re-wipe
Adriano – They just love me

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