We are the story-tellers – By @monaonthemoon

By Mona Sharif



We are the story-tellers


Early on this week, Marc asked us to think about a song that relates to our childhood, it could be a song our mum used to sing when we were kids, or a song we discovered during our teen age and played all the time, as long as this song gives us goosebumps. 

Marc shared with us his song, ‘The boy in the bubble’. A song from Paul Simon written in 1986. A song about hope

Mine were two very beautiful but different songs:

Le vent nous portera’ by the french band Noir Désir a song my mum used to love and play in the house. 

And ‘Nassam Alayna el Hawa’ (نسم علينا الهوا) by the Lebanese singer Fairuz (فيروز), a song that used to be playing in the car during long hours of the journey from Aleppo to Kessab (see photo), which is one of the most beautiful towns in northwestern Syria. It shares borders with the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia and Turkey. Its population is a mix of Syrian and Armenian immigrants who contributed to the development of its land and agriculture. 

It’s a song that many immigrants around the world enjoy and identify with. ‘Take me home’, cries the longing soul, dreaming of a faraway homeland and a lost love. 

While writing this scab, I realised that both songs talk about the wind ‘el hawa’ and ‘le vent’ and that they are both using this word as a metaphor to talk about the time flying by and about the journey of life.

Songs are like smells, they bring you back to another time, moment, memory.

When you’re a kid, you don’t really get the meaning of each single word of the lyrics, but you can still feel the story behind them. 

At SCA, mentors judge our work, but we – students – also judge each other’s work so that we learn from each other. We score ideas out of 10 on how ‘sticky’ they are, based on the SUCCES(s) Model from the book Made to Stick. 







Stories are timeless, they package meaning and make ideas more powerful.

The ads we do must be telling a story because people remember stories. 

As Willy Wonka says ‘We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams’, I would add to this ‘We are the story-tellers, we control the narrative’. 

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