Self Isolation – By @PugheScarlet

By Scarlet Pughe


Self Isolation


Yesterday we were told by marc that SCA has the potential to be closed for three months due to coronavirus. As you can imagine we were all quite shocked, I think everyone was prepared for the school to be shut for a bit, but in my head I was thinking a couple of weeks max. To be honest I didn’t really know how to feel. So many things were going through my head like, how will I speak to the mentors, what a challenge it might be working with Chloë when we aren’t right next to each other and how sad I would be not seeing everyone everyday. I sat there feeling like I was in an episode of black mirror as the idea of having virtual beers on google hangout was floated. 

Before this point the virus hadn’t really been something I was taking a lot of interest in. I had been told by my brother that no one in my family was particularly at risk so I guess I wasn’t really taking the scale of it very seriously. So I thought I would do some reading up on it to see what to do if I do get it. 

We’re advised to keep at least 2 metres from other people in your home, particularly older people or those with long-term health conditions. That’s all good, I live with my best mate and I’m pretty sure she might have already had it. Ask friends and family and delivery services to deliver things like food shopping and medicines – but avoid contact with them. Again no problems there, seems simple enough. Sleep alone if possible. Definitely no problem there. Regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Shouldn’t we be doing that anyway? Try to stay away from older people and those with long-term health conditions. I’ve decided not to go home and see my grandparents until the NHS is under much less pressure, maybe I’ll have a virtual beer with them on google hangout until then. And finally drink plenty of water and take everyday painkillers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, to help with your symptoms. This all seems simple enough to me.

As Marc went through the deck of how the school will still go ahead as usual I started to feel really fortunate. I know people at University that have exams in a few weeks and all their lectures have been cancelled with no online support. No ways of getting specific books because they are too expensive and can’t go to the library. There is nothing we can do about the situation we are in. The SCA can’t suddenly make Corona go away. Marc, the office and the mentors have all made such amazing technology available for us to use at our disposal. So I’m ready for the challenge, whenever it may come. 

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