That SCAB where Frazer talks about ‘Birdemic


By @FrazerPrice

I love a bad film. Not a bad film like slightly bad. I mean really bad – proper bargain bin, never heard of it, £1 from a Costcutters bad. The kind of film that the DVD cover looks like its been printed on a 20 year retired old office ink jet with dandelion juice replacing the yellow cartridge. And I’ll tell you why…


Imagination and vision against all odds. These films have almost zero budget but have a million dollars of enthusiasm.


They are made by get up and go people – the kind of person who woke up one day and said ‘Today, I’m going to get together some friends and we’re gonna go out and make that film I’ve been dreaming about’.


And now a week before the start of SCA, I kind of feel like super bad film visionary director James Nguyen.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror, film still

I’m not hundred percent sure of what I’m doing but I’m definitely going to put in hundred percent of the effort because when it comes down to it I’m extra passionate about pursuing a career in advertising and I don’t mind making a few infamous coat hanger scenes along the way.




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