Let’s get cheesy – By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


Let’s get cheesy

I’ve been home for last few days.
Tiny village, where everyone knows your name.
Where people would finish their work at 3pm a and grab a cup of coffee with friends and go hiking in mountains before work in the morning.
Where shopping for groceries might take half an hour as lady at the till wants to discuss her hate for politics and back problems with you.
Place where I actually have friends and people believe in me.
Especially now, when it’s time to go back.
Back to place where I’ll never be good enough, where the only person who should believe in me is me. Where you might start the day as a champion and go to bed embarrassed and afraid of next day. 
Back where I’m at the bottom of the chain and I feel like a sinking boat. 
Back where I don’t know what I’m doing and all I eat is shit food. 
But luckily this is just one way to look at situation and life we all have at SCA. 
Remembering days when I decided for coming to school there is other side to each place and as well there is other side to situation lot of us found ourselves in – positive side.
Why have we decided to come and what do we want to take out of it?
This is what I’ll be asking myself on the plane coming to London tomorrow morning.

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