I can’t get no satisfaction







By @SJYeates


So here it is. 


My 4th Scab. And my first scheduled entry. 


I wasn’t really happy with my first two. 


My third was OK though. 


It was a bit looser. A bit more me. 


But on the whole, I know I’m capable of more. 


And that’s becoming a regular feeling. That I might not be doing enough. That I can be doing better. 

And there are moments when it knocks the stuffing out of you. 

But that’s OK. 


There have been some outstanding Scabs recently. It’s an inspiring time, both in my life, and – I feel – in the history of SCA. It’s in a groove. 

But that takes time. As it will with all of us. 

But then again, we come in every morning and there are times when Marc is conducting phone interviews for the next intake. And when you dwell on that, that’s when it hits you. 

This year will fly by.

So the time for endeavour is now. The time to make stuff is now. The time to be wrong, do better, do worse, be bullish, take risks, ask for forgiveness rather than permission, has arrived. What can we make, and what can we offer, that sells us, and not just a bag of chips or a jar of instant coffee, when it’s time to see the agency we dream of working for?

If you’re awaiting a phone call from Marc, live as if you’ve started the course. Be preoccupied with art and creativity. Make that phone call work for you. And don’t be satisfied if you do OK. That’s when it all goes a bit wonky. 

The greatest satisfaction of being at SCA, is that I can’t get any at all. And I’m looking forward to seeing where that takes me. 

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