Can you switch off SCA? By @RomanLapacz

Roman Lapacz

By Roman Lapacz

Can you switch off SCA?

Becoming a SCA student will change the way your brain works.
As Sir John Hegarty said: “Creativity is a preoccupation”. It means that you need to be a in a constant particular state of mind, a never ending process where you keep absorbing your environement to pick the rights things and merge them into something new.
So you will stop walking in the streets to analyse posters, try to find an SMP’s in the bottom of your pint of beer, write a personnas about that girl you met, and wake up at 3:00am because you had a nightmare about a bad lay-out.
This “brain mode” will allow you to find and feel unexpected links and will lead you to new ideas. It’s a really powerful tool, that I’m just starting to understand, but I’m happy to see how it already made my life and my work much more interesting.

But in the past week, I also realised that if I want this system to keep working properly, I need to give it a little break. So I’m back in Paris for a couple of days, and I’m trying to turn it off. So here is a non comprehensive list of things I will try not to think about:

– SMP’s for toilet paper
– Scamps about Jesus
– Ranj jokes
– The number of coffee you can allow yourself each day without being addicted
– That damn grid
– The next interview day
– Marc’s bellybutton
– My unresponded love letters to certain ECD’s
– The desperate destiny of men’s toilets
– Breaking a window in the studio
– The next joke I will do about my partner eating habits (Hey man, if you are reading this.. good girl!)
– That deadline
– Those three other deadlines

…and a whole bunch of other stuff I’m really interested in but that I need to let go for a bit, so I can start fresh when I get back.

Basically, I just need to enjoy spending time with my family and friends that have no clue what I’m doing in that weird place I keep trying to describe.
Come on, spending a day without thinking about SCA shouldn’t be that hard..
Oh wait, I should write a SCAB about it.

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