Ending the year with no regrets – By @hhenderson249

By Holly Henderson


Ending the year with no regrets

It’s said that in the same way, no one in the world has the same DNA as you, no one has the same handwriting either. Graphologists are people who are able to learn about the type of person you are based on how you write, by looking at your expression through style of handwriting.

Apparently if you have big handwriting then you are people-oriented and like to be noticed, if you have small handwriting you are a more introverted person who is focused and concentrated. In the same way, if you dot your “i’s” high on the page it apparently means you have an active imagination. A closely dotted “i” may suggest someone who is organised and detail-oriented.

These are just two of many, but all little features that you don’t normally think twice about, but when brought to light, you remember the quirks and styles of peoples’ handwriting whenever you see scribbles of notes left around or when you get a letter in the post.

I used to love sending and receiving letters because you would know, or at least be able to guess, the handwriting when it came through the post. Unlike a text or an inbox, handwritten letters are normally from a friend or family member who has written to tell you a story of where they are or what they have been up to.

To me when keeping in touch with people who don’t live nearby there are two different catch-up messages. The first type is the ‘pick up where you have left off’ kind catch-ups, normally trivial or specific one-liners when you’ve kept in touch with the day-to-day stuff in each other’s lives. The second is the other kind of keeping in touch when you haven’t spoken in ages and you have to write the ‘Hey! How are you?’ ‘What have you been up to?’ which I hate because it shows that you have lost touch enough not to be able to ask anything more specific and that one-liner text is then asking them to sum up everything that has happened the last couple of months.

Starting the Christmas holidays, I’ve felt that I have lost touch with a few of my friends from school that are scattered in different places. So instead of sending the default message of ‘hey, how have you been over the last year?’, I decided to end the year with no regrets by sending handwritten letters to friends I hadn’t caught up with in a long time. I thought it would be a nicer way to say hi and get back in touch!

Below are my postcards written and ready to go, a small step to end the year with no regrets.

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