Equal parts excited and absolutely sh*tting it …

2021 is the year that I got my first full-time job as a copywriter, started learning French, got back into the gym, and now I’ll be starting a course renowned for pushing its students artistically, mentally, and emotionally. Yay? 

Of course, I’m excited – but, equally nervous. 

I can feel my brain and my body resenting me as I type this, realising that the next year is going to be my busiest yet. But I’m also strangely thrilled by the prospect of being so busy that for ten months, sleep will be a luxury. Adrenaline will be my fuel.

I never had the experience of the late-night dissertation breakdowns. Thanks to COVID, I spent three months working on my 10,000-word dissertation from the comfort of my bed. With zero tears, and through what felt like one very, very long night. 

And so, it begins – as per Marc’s letter instructing us on how to prep for our first day…

First things first; get over my (very much hypocritical) dislike for social media. Then, download Twitter again, so I can “keep up with the kids” and the ever-evolving British vernacular.

Next, I’ve significantly upped my tv/film consumption (as if it wasn’t embarrassingly high enough already). 

Now, I’m spending 30 minutes a day refreshing my Adobe skills (finally, a real reason to use my Skillshare account). 

And, as is my usual method when starting a project, I’ve been jotting down any and all ideas as they pop into my head. For all the inevitable moments to come where inspiration will be painfully lacking.

Because as much as my current copywriting gig has given me a valuable foot in the door, there isn’t much room to think outside the box. It’s still a corporate business after all. There are rules. And these rules, for the most part, are not meant to be broken. 

For ten months, SCA will be my persistently challenging creative release.

So, what am I excited for?

I’m excited to think of ideas that’ll never see the light of day, as well as the amazing ideas that’ll remind me why I wanted to go into advertising in the first place. 

I’m excited for the chance to work with some of the most creative minds and brilliant people.

I’m looking forward to being mentored by ad(solute) legends. 

And if I’m lucky, I’ll come out of it with not just a competitive portfolio, but also a sense of belonging and a more skilful eye. 

Until then…

Books ordered. Podcasts saved. Adobe installed. Ideas brainstormed. First SCAB, done.

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