What the fuck Thailand?

As creatives in advertising, we have to constantly research what’s happening in the industry. I love that! But sometimes I wonder, are we looking for new ads only in our country, countries we’re familiar with, or worldwide?  Here are so ads from Thailand. From weird to accurate, this country owns the spectrum of advertising. 

Unleashing the extraordinary men

Yell advertising created a web film for Gatsby. Don’t you know this brand? It provides body care products for men. It was well-known in Thailand but still needed a boost in the “deo spray” market. This last one is saturated with ads showing that deo makes people “cool”. Gatsby twisted it and showed that any ordinary man can be exceptional without doing something special. An idea that has already been done, in
my opinion, but not in the Thai way. 

Chief Creative Officer: Dissara Udomdej
Creative Director: Peeradon Kongphakdee
Senior Copywriter: Sarunyu Kangwanrungruang
Art Director: Pondravin Sap-Anunkoon

Durian lover

Probably the most disturbing one. Even if you don’t know what the fuck is going on, you guess the plot…. after 8 times of visioning it. It’s basically the looove story between a durian man and a girl. Trouble is the woman who wants to be an online durian chip shopkeeper. She quickly made a choice, and her business flourished worldwide thanks to the Thailand Post (youhou)!!

Agency: Monday
Chief Creative Officer: Passapol Limpisirisan / Wiboon Leepakpreeda
Film Director: Suthon Petchsuwan
Art Director: Sunphakit Waranutsitthikon

The perfect fried chicken by AI

Graphical user interface, website

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A cup of ice cream

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That’s it, I don’t think there’s more to add. The idea is simple and effective. It has been talked all over socials. People truly appreciated how AI has been used in the fast-food industry.

Agency: The Leo Burnett Group Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Sompat Trisadikun
Group Creative Director: Skon Khanawuthikarn
Art Director: Sompat Trisadikun, Ariyawat Juntaratip, Tammaporn Sanguanpak
Copywriter: Daravat Ghoshachandra

The Air Drummer

“Discount for what you love most” but it’s not always what people think they need…

Agency: Wolf BKK, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Torsak Chuenprapar
Creative Group Head: Woottipong Lamangthong
Senior Copywriter: Anin Sriurairatana
Copywriter: Yarinda Ketjumpol
Art Director: Kanyaporn Longprasert, Smita Tronglakkana

The Real Ghost School

Scary, ghosty events happen in Thailand. Even outside of this country, we heard about it. And I love how Netflix played with these superstitions and messed around with Thai people.

Agency: The Leo Burnett Group Thailand

I’m Jack but not Jack Ryan

This campaign uses one of the most random facts: “Jack is the most common name in Thailand”, and turns it into something really funny. It makes me question myself: “Can all the Emma on earth be united to do something awesome?”

Creative Director: Rattiya Suphatanasilpa
Creative Group Head: Vichai Kiatjaroonsiri/ Natthaphol Hirunlikid
Copywriter: Chayaphat Visarnbuchanee
Art Director: Thanaphorn Sroyphuraya

Bento Boss

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Zen restaurant found out workers don’t have a healthy work-life balance, even during the lunch break when they eat at their office. The company wanted to change that and launched a movement. They created “Bento Boss”, with customized look-alike Top Thailand’s CEO sculptures made of rice, to invite Bosses to solve the problem with the brand. Many companies played along, and the #worklunchbalance made millions of views on social.

Agency: Sour Bangkok
Creative Director: Nopparath Eksuwancharoen
Art Director: Nutnaree Ruongpanyaroj
Copywriter: Lacksanapatr Sirichaijumnong, Thamakorn Ruchakityanon and Tevit
Creative Group Head/ Copywriter: Padcha Tanviruch

Girls in White

“I won’t shop again, I won’t shop again, I won’t… what?”

Advertising Agency: Wolf BKK, Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Torsak Chuenprapar

Art Director: Botthawan Theeratrakul
Copywriter: Pandarie Somjit

Ads that can save you

Literally, like… a car assurance?

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Chief Creative Officer: Thasorn Boonyanate
Creative Director: Rook Floro
Copywriter: Worrawan Chailert, Supalerk Silarangsri
Art Director: Pattanapond Ketrathon, Narakorn Puechngen, Todsapon Sripuvatanik

We Keep you Alive!

I’ll let you with this one. A partnership: Alive United and Sqweez Animal. One goal: bring back to life the last song of Singha Musigapong, the former singer of Sqweez Animal, through videos and images only available on the platform Alive United. A beautiful song, even if we don’t get the lyrics.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Chief Creative Officer: Thasorn Boonyanate
Creative Director: Annop Khunwong, Rook Floro
Sr. Art Director: Pattanapond Ketrathon
Sr. Copywriter: Supalerk Silarangsri
Art Director: Nattnaree Kheaw-im
Copywriter: Panupong Nakju

See yah in another country!

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