‘Fail to Succeed’ by @Arthur_Art_Dir


Black and White portrait, Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry


It’s not easy to show your work.


I’m maybe a little too reserved or precious with my ideas. Even as I’m writing this I keep going back and forth in this white space.


It’s slowing things down.


Why is it?


People who know me say “STOP over thinking”. But the truth is, I fear criticism and being wrong. It hurts.


No one has ever taught me how to make mistakes, or even admit that I don’t get it. In fact, I’ve been taught that failing is a ‘game over’, the point of no return.


SCA teaches you otherwise.


Over the last few months, I’ve learned there’s more than just working hard and getting things done.


It’s all about sharing and failing in public, accepting that 90% of my work will be shit.


I read somewhere that ‘no one remembers you for your worst work’.


It’s true. People remember your best film not the average one. They remember your best song, your best performance, your best piece of art, your best idea, and your biggest success overall. The rest will remain in shadows.


But it’s not up to you to decide what works or doesn’t. It’s not about the piece of work itself, it is about its relationship with the public. So get out there now and start being shit, start miscalculate things… let yourself be wrong. Always remember that repetition is a form of change. Follow Bodin’s advice: ‘don’t be right, being right is boring’.


This reminded me that, as a creative, I have something new to say that could shift the conversation.


Well it’s time that I actually shout it out loud.



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