Fall Back, Spring Forward. – By @AlekLewin

Fall Back, Spring Forward. 

Clocks going back, an extra hour in bed. 

The only ‘extra hour’ I’m going to get at SCA, that’s for sure. 

Time management has never been my strong point, letting work stack up and having a meltdown  the day before the deadline sums me up to a tee. This is something I’m trying to avoid this year. I mean, who’d want to work with that guy curled up on the floor eating failed scamps? 

In all seriousness though, time absolutely flies here. Friday reflections whizz by and I’ve barely had  time to even fix my hair in the proverbial mirror, let alone have absolute clarity on who I am as a  human being.  

Clarity is an interesting topic in itself, I often find myself coming to absolute clarity on an idea, only  to try and explain it to a mentor using a mixture of noises more commonly associated with dial up  Internet. Not quite there yet. Back to the drawing board. 

The drawing board is where all the magic supposedly happens, scamping is where those bits of  gold appear for you to shine up and sell for millions. However, one glaring problem remains. My  drawing ability is comparable to that of a new born baby. It’s a source of great frustration.  Especially seeing so many naturally great artists on the course. I’m used to falling back on my  words as my expression of art, so scamping has freaked me out a lot, but learning to relax and  just commit to it has been a real learning curve in itself. 

Just like the clocks, I may feel that I’ve gone backwards a little bit. My creative ego has taken a bit  of a battering being surrounded by so many brilliant brains. However, I’m determined to absorb all  the knowledge and learning that I can so I can spring forward in a big way – becoming a better all  round creative in the process.

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