Five hundred and eighty-eight hours lost…. By @dinglebobs

By Ben Conway


Five hundred and eighty-eight hours lost….



Downtime equals entertaining ourselves. A Netflix series here, a new book there or big football games on the weekend. We want new stimulation all the time in an effort to strike a work-life balance. It’s not nice to feel at the bottom of an imaginary pestle and mortar.


Who wants to be constantly ground down, and smelling of peppercorns?


We do these things to feel good, and for me, it’s video games. I know everyone is different, but it seems like a pretty normal platform, really.


Liken it to the thing that you do obsessively. Millions have an Xbox or PlayStation. Millions of those people have addictive personalities.


Which reminds me that we’ve played as much time on World of Warcraft than the time it took for humanity to evolve. Fifty BILLION hours. Cool huh?


Overwatch is my obsession. Over two years I’ve stacked up around 24 days worth of playtime. Which isn’t unordinary. My friends have 600 – 900 hours and I think my numbers are bad.


So I want to use this SCAB to think about productivity. Productivity seems to be one of the core values of the school and seeing that number has left me questioning what else I could have done with that time.


Especially now that we have five weeks to go. The things we do in this time will be what gets us that job, or placement, or stuck in the mind of that person we want to impress. I would die, well not literally because I need to live to finish the course, for those five hundred eighty-eight hours back so I could smash the end of the course.


But, rather weirdly in time with this SCAB, that figure is what we have left. Minus a week or two.


So, in a dramatic attempt to liven up this post, I’ve attached a picture of the HDMI cable that connects to my console to my television. Because productivity is taken with action.


Five hundred and eighty-seven hours to go. I used one to write this SCAB and I’m not letting that other five hundred and eighty-seven escape me. 



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