Feel comfortable in your own skin, don’t wear someone else’s @sakeo94

By Clara Bonfanti

The fur industry is responsible for the death of millions of animals in atrocious conditions every year with the aim of benefiting from the trade of their skin.

Rows of cages piled up on one another in nauseating premises where resound the piercing shouts of animals in distress: this is what a breeding of fur-bearing animals looks like.

More than 85 % of the sold fur comes from this type of installation, where minks, foxes and other animals are cloistered during all their life before being killed for their skin. Because of their living condition, they can’t play, hunt, run or even jump like they would do it in their natural environment.

Many surveys conducted inside breeding of fur-bearing animals in different countries exposed atrocities: animals with infected eyes, legs hurt by the metallic bars of their unhealthy cage, ripped- off and purulent body parts, untreated wounds – sometimes so deep that their brains are apparent -, baby animals sharing their cage with the body of their dead mother, animals with neurotic behaviour… The methods used to kill them are electrocution, gassing or poisoning. They are quite horrible, painful and terrifying.

Animals are also directly hunted in the wild for their fur. Every year, trappers from around the world kill millions of racoons, coyotes, wolves, lynxes, opossums, coypus, beavers, otters and other fur-bearing animals for the clothing industry. Loss of blood, emotional shock, dehydration, chilblain, gangrene and wounds imposed by predators’ attacks: animals trapped in the wild can suffer for days.

If you buy fur, there is no easy way to find out from which animal is it. It’s often impossible to trace the origin of fur because of the labelling that is voluntarily inaccurate and of the various actors of the international supply chain that are difficult to identify. Sometimes real fur is even labelled as a fake one.

But that’s not all. The fur industry has a very bad impact on the environment. The World Bank classified this industry as one of the worst in the world because of its pollution by toxic metals. The environmental impact of the fur industry is about 10 times worse than the one of the fake fur industry.

Real fur is not only sold by luxury brands. A lot of more accessible and popular brands, like Canada Goose, Maje, Sandro, Zadig & Voltaire sell fur as well.

I really don’t understand how we can lawfully let people sell and buy fur. Animals are living beings, they should have more rights. This scab might not have been joyful, but it’s only reality. If you ever wanted to buy real fur, I hope it will at least made you hesitate and think about what it means.

So please, don’t wear fur.

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